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Race Discrimination

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At the heart of antidiscrimination law is the notion that it’s unfair to treat people differently on the basis of superficial characteristics. Although we have made undeniable progress in prohibiting discrimination, , incidents of racial injustice unfortunately continue to occur. If you have been the victim of unlawful racial discrimination in the workplace, you can get able assistance at the Law Offices of James Jean-Francois, P.A. in Hollywood. For almost two decades, I have worked tirelessly to uphold the rights guaranteed to workers. I am prepared to help you obtain the justice you deserve.

U.S. and Florida laws prohibit racial discrimination in the workplace

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed employment discrimination on the basis of race in the United States. Also known as Title VII, this landmark law made it illegal to use race as a basis in hiring, firing, promoting and paying workers. Employers cannot segregate workers or require them to labor under different conditions simply because of differences in race.

Victims of racial discrimination in the workplace have the right to file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and file a lawsuit in federal court seeking redress. Remedies include monetary damages and court orders ending the discriminatory practices. However, monetary damages are capped based on the size of the company’s workforce, running from $50,000 (for 15 to 100 employees) to $300,000 (for more than 500 employees).

The Florida Civil Rights Act (FCRA) also protects workers against racial discrimination, allowing for recovery of:

  • Monetary compensation for economic losses
  • Compensation for mental anguish and loss of dignity
  • A court order prohibiting the discriminatory practice
  • Punitive damages up to $100,000 for particularly egregious conduct in violation of the law

Complaints of racial discrimination under the FCRA can be filed with the Florida Commission on Human Relations and can be litigated in state court if not resolved at the commission level.

Making a case for racial discrimination is not easy. So, you should choose an employment law attorney who has a reputation for hard work and positive results.

Proving racial discrimination in employment

When you file a complaint with the EEOC or FCHR, the agency reviews the case to determine whether racial discrimination has taken place. The agency’s determination can put pressure on an employer to concede a violation and settle the claim with the worker, but a finding of no discrimination does not prevent the worker from going forward with a lawsuit.

The best approach is to prepare a solid case before filing with the EEOC or FCHR. I investigate all cases fully to ascertain the facts necessary to build a compelling case. There are two types of racial discrimination cases:

  • Intentional discrimination — This form of discrimination occurs when an employer deliberately treats a worker differently because of his or her race. Often, a victim must establish there was a pattern of unequal treatment based on race rather than the worker’s conduct, job performance or other neutral factors.
  • Disparate impact —Discrimination can result when a company sets arbitrary criteria for a job that puts workers of a particular race at a disadvantage. The worker must show the criteria are not reasonably related to job performance and they disproportionately punish one race or unfairly reward another.

When you retain my services, you can trust me to work tirelessly to build a strong case on your behalf.

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